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Oh and I’ve uploaded new ready-to-buy designs to my shop, too!

As far as I know, slots will fill up REALLY quickly so if you want one, better send me an email soon. I won’t keep these open for long, probably until the end of October or so, basically until business picks up for the holidays. at that time I just won’t be able to keep up with custom orders.

Photography by pixel-flux
Designs by frozencrafts


I got my custom order from frozencrafts the other day and I’m seriously impressed with how quickly it all arrived :3 
Aside from working with my being overly complicated and indecisive, she even added a cute little bottle charm with a matching shooting star! I almost couldn’t open it because the packaging was so cute :3 Thank you for everything! ^-^

FrozenCrafts on Etsy

Aaaa I’m so glad you like it >u< ♥ ♥


Advertising Briefs Turned into Paper Art

In order to answer to a brief in innovative way, a designer team embarked in a creative series of paper-art and expressed their talent by using clients’ physical briefs as their creation material. A meticulous work for an unexpected concept developed by TBWA/Hunt Lascaris Design department. To discover in images.


Opus the Octopus, a free pattern for a life-sized knit octopus from Cate Carter-Evans.




Ladies and Gentlemen, craftsmanship. One of the finest examples of taking pride in what you do, and making absolutely sure no detail is too small.

Now before you scroll by this post, let me tell you something:

These flowers are made out of clay.

Yes. Clay. They’re not real. These are made out of clay by a Russian artist named Liya. I suggest you all go check out her work, she is very talented!