If you are a fan of friendship bracelets, try this tutorial for Pretty Leaves Friendship Bracelets . Tutorial—> en We Heart It.


Crafted Mandalas by Jay Mohler

look at this cutie! look at it and give it a home!

All of these guys have just been uploaded to my shop!

Guess what I’ve been up to :D Yep, I’ve finally tried out hama beads! I love working with them, it’s super fun. But to buy and make more, I gotta sell some stuff first. All of these guys and more (curse you, tumblr limit of 10 photos per photoset!) can be found in my shop, and there’s only one of each for now!


by Nory on iichi


Offering as commission: Palm-sized felt animals or dragons! Dragon plushie commissions are also available on Etsy. Dragons go for 18€, animal plushies for 13€. (New dragons will be made with a slightly better method than the ones pictured.)


Squirtle Amigurumi - Created by Justine Dalipe

You can see more of Justine’s older Pokemon here. You can also follow the artist on Tumblr or check out their Etsy Shop here.