Swirly Gloves

I finished my Pieces of Eight Mitts! Looking through some of the diagrams and pictures made it seem a bit daunting at first, but the pattern is very well-written and methodical. I like how the designer warns that anyone who attempts these mitts should be comfortable with the idea of “smoothing out” uneven stitch counts. I know I certainly had to do that a couple times!

I used Patons Kroy Socks in Singin’ the Blues Stripes, which is almost as good as the Starry Night colours I envisioned when I first saw this pattern. I love the alternating blue and grey stripes, and I’m super happy that I was able to start each mitt in about the same spot in the stripe pattern.

Mods: twisted ribbing for the thumbs, slwyif for a clean top edge, added some short rows to the hand to make the fit better for my teeny wrists, flipped the second mitt inside out twice so I could do regular twisted ribbing on both thumbs.

All in all these were quicker than I thought, and just as entertaining as I expected. Thanks for looking!


DIY Felt Cactus:

Lovely picture tutorial, from le blog de Gédane.


Fun Skull Necklaces


Available on Etsy

I made a honey bee to go with the blue carpenter bee :) This one has a few pattern changes, but not many. The stripes on the bum were A LOT of work to cut them all out and sew them all together on all three pattern pieces.


First summer project is done… now after almost two years learning and practicing, I can tell handmade embroidery is something I want to do for the rest of my life.