Where did you get the white contacts for your cosplay? :o

White Screen Crazy Contact Lenses (Pair)

Over yonder! :D

Though I won’t just assume you’re from the UK and I’ll suggest you look for some local shop! These were just the cheapest ones I could find with UK shipping.

The lenses aren’t actually completely WHITE, they’re this mesh thingy, (so you can see through at least somewhat) but you can’t see it from further away, unless the person looking is going to stare into your eyes from a 5cm distance haha.

In short, scared the shit out of people at comiccon with these, so it does the trick :DD


jewelry made of resin and broken pieces of wood by Marcel Dunger


Crochet Basket -

This is amazing work from the Finnish blog Nurin Kurin.  More tips and tricks via the link.  Google translate does a great job, but the pics are very useful as well.


Personalized Pokémon Bracelet

These handmade bracelets make the perfect gift since you can pick and choose which charms you’d like to include.

(Click here for the full article)


Check out these gorgeous little amigurumi piglets found via the super cute Spanish blog Fernanda Espoleta


awesome chair restoration… 

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Ahaha Etsy doesn’t even have a font for that last letter in my name :’D