That awkward moment when your BJDs start collecting BJDs.
(And painting them, too.)


So I made some props (airbrush/file folders/painting supplies/etc) recently. Oh, and the table as well.


I’ve seen SO many stories from people who were screwed over by Paypal…here, HAVE ANOTHER ONE.

I sold a necklace to someone for $30.99. To me, that’s quite a lot, especially when it means contributing towards rent and food, since my shop is my only job, and I want to keep it that way. I may be struggling to make rent now, but I know greater things await in the future if I just keep going and doing my best.

So the last thing I need now is Paypal screwing me over.

Once I sold the necklace, I shipped it the next day. I try to do that all the time, so people get their packages as soon as possible. I’ve been doing that for years now. 5 days after shipment, that person opens a dispute on Paypal, adding “I did not receive my item”.

Five. Days.


The problem is that they didn’t contact me or anything, just went straight to a dispute. I find that incredibly rude, but whatever. The other problem is that I can’t contact the buyer no matter how I try. I sent them a message on Etsy, no reply. I tried sending the same to the email that they paid with, but…Gmail keeps telling me that their email doesn’t exist? The one that they paid with?.. For some reason I smell a scam.

So then I have to do something about that dispute, or the buyer gets an automatic refund, which they don’t deserve

I had a few options:
• add tracking information. I can’t do that, because my shop policies obviously say that you have to actually purchase a tracking number. I can’t just add that with every purchase, especially international, tracking numbers in the UK are expensive! So it’s still pretty much the buyer’s fault for not adding it.

• refund. No.

• send Paypal a message explaining things. So that’s what I did.

I messaged Paypal explaining everything, just like I did above. The case was opened five days after shipment which is ridiculous (I have shipping times in my shop policies as well, which someone obviously didn’t read…or didn’t want to read.) and everything about why there’s no tracking number, even mentioned that my account is in good standing and I’ve never had problems like this. In years. I literally never have.

Then all I do is wait because there’s nothing else I can do. Finally, about 4 days later I think, today, I wake up to an email. Guess what it says.

After careful consideration of the evidence provided in the case detailed
below, we have completed our investigation and decided in favour of the
buyer. Under terms of our User Agreement, we have debited the following
amount from your PayPal account as a refund to the buyer: $30.99 USD


Careful consideration my ass. First of all, they didn’t even contact me??? They didn’t reply to the message I left, nothing at all, they just closed the case and refunded the buyer! Basically making me lose both a necklace that I made with my own two hands and used materials I bought to make, AND $30.99. For doing absolutely nothing wrong! For doing what I always do and never get complaints about! And I can guarantee this person does this all the time to get free stuff. Thanks Paypal. Good job. Slow clap for you.

The point of this whole thing is that, well, if you’re a buyer, Paypal will give you all of it’s love and will never argue with you no matter how ridiculous you are being.

However, if you’re a seller… yeah, expect to lose money if you use Paypal. Even though sellers are the ones who fuel Paypal in the first place, Paypal is just a huge asshole to us. The buyer is always right policy is getting way out of hand.

And yes, Paypal is a huge empire by now and there’s no way of bringing it down. Sometimes we are just forced to use Paypal (me included) if we want to make money somewhere. But if you ever have the chance to use something else to accept payments AND not lose customers, please use it.

So as I said, I’ve heard many ugly stories about Paypal, and now I have my own too, hooray. Don’t get me wrong though. I’ve had problems with Paypal before as well. I guess this one is just worth mentioning.

If you can, please share this so people know to be careful with Paypal. Thank you!


New Backlit Paper Sculptures by Deepti Nair and Harikrishnan Panicker

At Black Book Gallery

“Where I Belong” is a paper cut light box installation work of hand cut watercolor on paper assembled in a shadow box that is backlit with LED lights. The work is a collaboration by Hari & Deepti


The bat sewing pattern is now available :)

(And just as a note, most of the fabric for my bats came from Joann Fabric if you’d like to purchase something similar)

You can buy this pattern on Etsy or Craftsy

If you’ve never heard of craftsy, I highly recommend you check it out. Unlike many other sites, they don’t charge a fee for listing or take a cut of the sale, allowing the designer to receive more of their profit for their hard work.


untitled by cat rabbit on Flickr.


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Hand embroidered unicorn with magical sparkles