Spinning Creatures from Dreams into Felted Reality with @x03

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“I have an extremely vivid dream life,” explains New York artist Zoë Williams (@x03), a New Orleans native who was uprooted by Hurricane Katrina. It was “during this strange rudderless period” following her displacement that a rabbit spirit came to her in a dream. “My first felt sculptures were all of that rabbit,” she says. As her dreams and artistic creations converged, Zoë has come to see her felted creatures, brought to life through Instagram, as “the expression of my unconscious.”

“At first, I made my creatures simply to honor the animals I dreamed about,” says Zoë of her felted creations. “But the dreams changed as my work evolved, and now I think they are one and the same.”

“Needle felting is a slow, laborious process,” explains Zoë. “It’s fun to give people a peek into the stages a piece goes through on its journey to completion.” The ability to cultivate a deeper appreciation for her work, however, is what Zoë values most. “Ultimately, I think artwork is best experienced in person, but it’s a special thrill to meet someone at an opening who follows my work on Instagram and has watched the pieces come to life.”


FINALLY finished my Chibi Animals Amigurumis!

From the top:

Chibi Animals

Chibi Kitties

Chibi Bunnies + Teddy Bear

Chibi Wild Animals

If anyone from Malaysia that is interested in buying them, you are welcomed to visit LiShar!


Purple Fantasy Bee available on Etsy

I had a hard time getting photos, but the white material is sparkly and in some places I added more sparkle. Because glitter. Maybe when it’s sunny and I have time I’ll try for outdoor photos.


70” x 44” x 1”
15,000+ hand cast acrylic gummibears

Custom mosaic created for I Love Sugar in Myrtle Beach


Bascetta Star designed by Paolo Bascetta


This is one of my favorite models and it’s really easy to make. If you like these little guys you should check out penguinorigami. He works with this unit a lot and posts some amazing work. 


I couldn’t help it. I teared up at this scene. I recently got some shrink paper in to test out what I can make with it. I doodled this up in Sai and was pleased about it, so I made some necklaces. They are up in my shop if you’d like one.


Paper jewelry by ByBeep


Bags and purses by ritaboth121