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voguingfemme said: that’s great but a kid should be a kid. not be working at nine years old. im totally against that. you have your whole life to work, own a business. be a kid and enjoy it.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m pretty sure that kid is enjoying it! Look at him and his proud face :) Besides, he has staff, as the article says, and his whole family to help him. I’m sure he’s not being pushed to work at all, but does this for his own enjoyment and for fun.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.


In the past three years, while his classmates were doing homework and playing sports, Moziah Bridges built himself a $150,000 business.

That’s right—he started his business at nine years old. Not yet a teenager, Moziah now has five staff and has received a ton of media attention, from an appearance on the TV show ‘Shark Week’ to features in O Magazine and Vogue.

"I like to wear bow ties because they make me look good and feel good," Moziah writes on his website. "Designing a colorful bow tie is just part of my vision to make the world a fun and happier place."

Ever the fashionista, he’s reveled in style from a young age. At four years old, Moziah wore a suit and tie whenever possible and insisted on dressing himself.

His business, Mo’s Bows, was born of his love for bow ties and his dissatisfaction with the selection available for kids his age. Even worse than the poor color selection, they were all clip-ons—Moziah believed real men should tie their own ties. His grandmother taught him to sew by hand and to use a sewing machine, using scraps to create his favorite neckwear.

Within a few months, he had created his own collection of over two dozen bow ties. Friends and family fell in love with his creations. Moziah upped his production, fashioning tidy bow ties from his grandmother’s vintage fabrics in an array of floral and African prints, and even scraps of old taffeta dresses.

Word of mouth worked its magic, and soon Moziah was taking orders through Facebook and selling on his own Etsy store. As demand increased, his mother, grandmother and other family came on board to help with production.

Today, each bow tie is still sewn from scratch, though Moziah has expanded from vintage materials to tweeds and ginghams, with a formal line of satins and silk. His bow ties are available in his own web store, on Etsy, and in boutiques throughout Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee.

When asked who his role models are, he said he looks up to Daymond John, who became his mentor as a result of the ‘Shark Week’ appearance.

As if his early success in business weren’t enough, Moziah has also become something of a young philanthropist. This summer, he donated $1,600 to send ten children from his hometown of Memphis to Glenview Summer Camp.

In a post on his blog, Moziah wrote, “Memphis is ranked the highest of child hunger; most kids only get a meal when school is in session. At the community center, the kids get a meal and play time. Giving back to my community really helped me feel humble. It also makes me smile because I see other kids smiling and enjoying the camp.”

What’s next for this inspirational kidpreneur? In a recent interview, Moziah said he wants to go college and start a full clothing line by the time he’s twenty.

He’s got it all figured out, folks; Moziah Bridges has a happy, colorful life filled with business successes, social good, work/school/life balance and solid goals for the future. And he still gets to bed at 8:30 every night!

[I have a new idol. This little man is fantastic]


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Walrus pins complete!

All done the walrus pins, they are available now. They will come in pairs like this, but if you want to mix and match just send me a message on etsy! They are 2” tall and super cute! All hand sewn and made from felt.

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Jewel toned circuit board earrings all in sterling silver bezels and sterling hooks. the top set has spiral cut amethysts.

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