Model: Swirl Star (gif)

Designed by: Yuri and Katrin Shumakov

Folded by: Akizhi

Units: 192 pieces


Slow Wood (2011) by Studio Fludd

Slow Wood is a handmade prototype for unconventional sandwiches far from the mass catering. Biodiversity + fun and high quality food for kids. Slow Wood was in the kitchen of KidsRoomZoom during the 2011 FuoriSalone in Milano.


Tried making a wire bonsai with a little color today. :)


Custom Mega Man Pixel Sneakers - Created by Bobsmade

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Hey everyone! Alright, so the deal is that I’m in a tight spot right now, since last month had way too many expenses for me. Stuff like that happens sometimes and I really hate it when it does. Not only that, my mom’s 40th birthday is coming up and I want to make her a big surprise this year - she deserves it and I want to see her happy, but that’s gonna cost me. First I gotta make sure I have enough money for rent and food, the rest goes to my mom’s birthday plan. So yeah. SALE TIME.

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Marquis Miniatures on Etsy

Miniature Artist Paint Box 1:12 scale (top) and Artist Work Bench (below)

Exquisite work.