Now before you scroll by this post, let me tell you something:

These flowers are made out of clay.

Yes. Clay. They’re not real. These are made out of clay by a Russian artist named Liya. I suggest you all go check out her work, she is very talented!

Made by Nataliya

Handmade jewelry by Valerie

sorry for the long post but…


Oh and I’ve uploaded new ready-to-buy designs to my shop, too!

As far as I know, slots will fill up REALLY quickly so if you want one, better send me an email soon. I won’t keep these open for long, probably until the end of October or so, basically until business picks up for the holidays. at that time I just won’t be able to keep up with custom orders.

Photography by pixel-flux
Designs by frozencrafts

Mama dragons by Becca Golins

- Limited Edition Glowing Powder Bottles -

Photography by pixel-flux
Glowing bottle FAQ

YUP. These are limited too. I’m not too much of a fan of using powder in these - I like crystals more because they’re more efficient and they look nicer? But hey that’s just me. Sadly, crystals don’t come in many colors, while powder has a few more choices. So for these I have fiery orange and light blue!

Custom orders for glowing bottles will be open soon, read more about that here.


- Limited Edition Multicolored Glowing Shard Bottles -

Photography by pixel-flux
Glowing bottle FAQ

I couldn’t be happier to find old supplies I bought and never used! Especially at this time! These are limited edition - there’s probably no way I could get my hands on more shards like these, at least not for a long, loooong time. They’re multicolored in the light, but in the dark, they glow blue and blue-ish green! Hope you like them C:

Custom orders for glowing bottles will be open soon, read more about that here.


After many failed attempts, I finally figured out how to make rainbows in bottles! All of these Rainbow Potions are now for sale in my shop.