Glowing necklaces available once again in my shop! -

Even though the winged ones take a lot longer to make, people like them a lot, so I managed to make 10 of them this week~! Along with other designs, of course. Remember, these sell out really fast, so if you want one, better get it now! I upload new designs every few weeks or so (unless I’m hella busy), so if you want to know how to get notified about uploads, or if you have any other questions, read this FAQ here!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend~!


Anatomical nature hearts by Krinna on Etsy

Guess who’s working on some sand bottle jewelry! I haven’t made these in ages, and since it’s summer and I have a bunch of sea/beach themed charms, why not! They should be up in the shop in a few days, I’m waiting for some new chains to arrive now.

Made by Ruby

{ Made by Lunarieen - Etsy / deviantArt / Facebook }