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Ahaha Etsy doesn’t even have a font for that last letter in my name :’D

Made by Karo1987

Made by Masktastic

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These are the last of what I have left for quite a while.

First off, I’m leaving to see my family on Wednesday, so my shop will be closed August 12th-20th. That means if you don’t manage to grab one now, you’ll have to wait until I’m back! Provided I have any left after I’m back.

Secondly, I’m all out of crystals for now. And sadly, they’re ridiculously hard to get. I will try my best to get the ones I used to use at first (which were the BEST quality in my opinion), but I can’t promise much. I will try to get them back in stock as soon as I can, at least at the end of September or so. After all, I have to start stocking up for Christmas season. Yep. It’s still Summer and I already have to think about that.

Anyway, if you didn’t manage to grab a necklace and want to find out how to get your hands on one like this, please read this FAQ!

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Hey everyone! Alright, so the deal is that I’m in a tight spot right now, since last month had way too many expenses for me. Stuff like that happens sometimes and I really hate it when it does. Not only that, my mom’s 40th birthday is coming up and I want to make her a big surprise this year - she deserves it and I want to see her happy, but that’s gonna cost me. First I gotta make sure I have enough money for rent and food, the rest goes to my mom’s birthday plan. So yeah. SALE TIME.

You can use the coupon code GOLDEN15 at checkout in my shop! This includes any items you can see in my shop, and I make a hella lot of stuff.

If you’re not looking to buy, I would REALLY appreciate a signal boost, too. Every reblog helps ♥ Thank you!

Mini Totoro Giveaway by xxNostalgic

Emily on deviantArt is having a giveaway for this little Totoro here!